Seek Sunshine Coast Administration And Temping Services


We are pleased to announce our new Seek Service Sunshine Coast Administration and Temping Services.

We understanding what is means to be try and manage your own Business, Be an Employer and try to find the right staff to replace those key employees when they go on leave, or just being able to find someone reliable when the work load of your business is exploding or your business is experiencing a growth.

Many recruitment agencies charge out temping staff at rates which small-medium business owners can’t manage. We recently experienced the same situation. So resolution set up Seek Sunchine Coast Administration and Temping Services so we can help those business owners who just can’t manage the hight recruitment rates. 

Consider it outsourcing to help you focus on the main element of your business and that is Business Growth.

We provide Administration and Temping Services for:


  • General Office Administration including accounts payable, accounts receivable, monthly reconciliation.
  • Design of company logo, brochures, email banners.
  • Powerpoint and Keynote Presentations for Business. Which can then be converted to video format for markerting purposes.
  • Video Introductions for marketing.
  • Courier delivery services within the Sunshine Coast precinct.
  • Resume Services including advice and completion.
  • Short Term Temporary Staff Assignments.
  • Email marketing services.
  • Social Media Pages on all platforms of Social Media.
  • Blogging advice and content.
  • Graphics, Logo Design and Caricatures.
  • Our hourly rates start at $25.00 per hour plus GST.

Discover how Seek Sunshine Coast Administration and Temping Services can help you today.

For more information email Kim directly or ring 0458 118 514

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