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For each service or product that your business offers you need to create individual landing pages. It is these landing pages that you drive your online traffic too.

Landing pages are also know as Squeeze Pages, Optin Pages or Marketing Pages.

Your Landing pages serves your business one purpose and one purpose only and that is conversions. Whoever arrives at your Landing page needs to take a specific action and in order to achieve this your Landing pages need the following a proven method which is used by both McDonalds and Starbucks.

This method is a follows:

  1. Provide your visitor with exceptional value. This is known as a market call out! You are reaching out to your visitor, they need to know once they have arrived on your landing page they are going to get the information they are looking for.
  2. The message you convey about your offer needs to be clear, concise and straight to the point. Apply the KISS Rule (Keep it simple stupid). If they can’t figure this out quickly you will lose them.
  3. Your landing page needs a clear headline which is in alignment with your offer. This will affirm to your visitor they are in the right place.
  4. Clear call to action. What action does the visitor to your landing page need to take in order to access your offer. Keep this above the fold of your landing page so your visitor does not need to scroll to find the information. Preferably to the left of the landing page or centre. Ensure that your submit button is a different constrasting colour to make it stand out.
  5. Bullet point benefits, preferably no more than five. This confirms the benefit of your offer and how it will help your visitor.
  6. Images or videos make your landing pages have a higher conversion rate. If you are offering a product them a video showing a demonstration is great, or a white paper report, ebook, audio series, or video course. Use images or mindmaps.
  7. Incorporate social proofing this backs up any claims you make on your landing pages.
  8. You need to ensure that there is no way that your visitor can navigate around your landing pages. If you have tabs on your landing pages these become a distraction and will take your visitor away from the objective of the landing page.
  9. Incorporate visual cues such as arrows, lines, and boxes to point to the optin box (Call To Action).
  10. Use your branding on your landing pages as this gives your business consistancy throughout your marketing campaigns.
  11. Include any testimonials as they affirm that your products and services are great.
  12. Incorporate a guarantee, this gives your visitors a sense of peace of mind.
  13. Incorporate social sharing buttons on your landing pages this helps with your marketing.
  14. Make sure that you have your privacy and terms of service included on your landing pages as this is a requirement for some of the terms for advertising platforms you may utilise.
  15. Want instant results then use paid advertising, you just need to decide which platform to use.

If you are serious about generating new leads, revenue and business then the best way to get things rolling is to use Landing Pages Queensland.

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