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blog writing services queensland

At Web Design Online Services we know the power of words, more importantly we know how critical producing fresh content is for your Website and the success of your online real estate.

Posting blogs on a daily or weekly basis is one of the fastest ways to build organic traffic to your business Website. If you are not producing high converting blog content for your Website then you are not going to see an increase in your Website Traffic, which in turn equals no new leads, equals no cashflow, no business.

But we know how time consuming blogging is. So why not hand it over to the expert.

Kim has been professionally writing blog posts for the last 5 years. And her writing expertise are adapted to any type of business, niche or industry. Kim is born and bred Aussie, so no clitches when it comes to English skills.

When you work with Kim she wants to know:

  • The specifics of your whole business.
  • What you currently do, anything you’d like to do differently or plan for in the future.
  • The style you’d like your blog to be written in – bright and chirpy? Straightforward and technical? 
  • Who are your clients, readers and followers and what do they want?
  • How would you like your blog to look?
  • What you would like your blog to be about? And,
  • How does that connects to your business and social media?

An oversight that is made in a lot of cases when it comes to copy writing is the fact that people don’t write for people. Instead they write to overstuff keywords both short and long tail keywords. Blog writing is about engaging a specific target audience that is interested in your subject matter and business. 

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to blogging for business, and that is targeted at the number of words to be contained in a blog. From personal experience and ranking in the search engines, Kim’s recommendation is 1,500 words together with a combination of creating inbounds links other blog content, combined with external linking.

So how do we roll from here:

1. Contact Kim directly on 0458 118 514 or email to discuss your initial blog project.

2. We will research your business, your competitors and your target audience. In addition we will list the top converting long tail keywords for your specific market place.

3. Present you with a first draft for your persual, ask for your feedback and comments. Make any changes as requested.

4. Provide second draft and all going to plan this should be the final for your approval of posting together with high professional images.

5. We can either post your blog content directly to your site or provide it in a format for you to upload to your blog site.

All jobs are quoted as per specifications and requirements.

Feel free to check out Kims writing style for her own business websites

Give Kim a call on 0458 118 154 to discuss your blogging needs! Don’t take our word for it!



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