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We are Web Designers passionate about WordPress, but more importantly we are passionate about making your Web Site work for your Business. 

Internet Traffic = Qualified Leads = Qualified Conversion = Business Growth

australia web design services

If you do nothing else please watch this Video. You need to be able to answer yes to all of the questions I ask. If not, then I’m sorry but your website sucks and is not working for your business or adding to the potential growth of your business!




 Web Design Online Services Offers WordPress Web Sites Starting At A Fixed Price of $699.00

australia web design servicesaustralia web design servicesaustralia web design services
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At anytime give me a call directly on 0458 118 514 or skpe kim.mathesonnz email: to discuss your Web Design in person.

Hi, thanks for dropping by. My name is Kim Matheson and I am the creator of Web Design Online Services. I hope you have taken the time to watch our Video and understand the importance of having a Website that works for your Business together with taking back control of your Website and Online Real Estate.

Why use WordPress? WordPress is simple to use, making it ideal for website owners or admins to manage their own site. This is how we differ from other Web Designers.

From a technical point of view, WordPress is highly customisable, allowing for full featured custom designed websites built to the clients specifications and not limited by the CMS. Another benefit is the marketplace for additional plugins which can enhance even simple WordPress sites into online storefronts, social networks, or document databases. Australian Web Design Services and Social Media Marketing knows that every website owners should have control over their own website. This is how we differ from any other Web Design Company.

The Benefits of WordPress

  • Cost = WordPress is a FREE Platform.

  • Consistency = Templated pages means no matter how many additional pages you add to your site, they will all be easy to navigate and consistent throughout your site. This includes your web pages, images, videos, audio files, and any other documentation.

  • Search Engine Optimisation = WordPress has been built with SEO in mind. Code has been written without excessive HTML and is standards compliant to give your site the best chance of being ranked higher in search engines.

  • Growth = WordPress has development support. So this means when ever the platform is updated, your site is updated. This means your Website is never out of date.

  • Website upgrade =Whether you have 5 pages or 500, WordPress has a framework built to handle it. WordPress is perfect for any sized business, whether you wish to just have an one page online presence, a blog, online store, or large corporate site. Adding features is as simple as a click of a button.

  • Blogging = With a built in blogging system, WordPress allows for easy adding of posts, categories and photos, the perfect way to increase search engine activity and engage your customers.

  • Addons = There are thousands of additional plugins written exlusively for WordPress. Turn your site into an online store to sell products, or turn it into a social network site with profiles and forums. The options are endless.

  • Mobile Ready = No need to create a separate mobile website. WordPress is mobile and tablet friendly, simply install a mobile addon, or use a responsive/mobile ready theme.

Your Results

australian web design servicesaustralian web design servicesaustralian web design servicesaustralian web design services

We love what we do, we love helping clients achieve their business objectives but mostly we are passionate about making your Website work for your Business. For you and your Website this means high quality work delivered with clear communication, objectives and strategies that are cutting edge, backed with our ongoing support. That I personally guarantee!

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