Why Cheap Website Hosting Is The Secret Ingredient

Why Cheap Website Hosting Is The Secret Ingredient

Why Cheap Website Hosting Is The Secret

A big I am getting asked a lot lately is why cheap website hosting is the secret ingredient. The answer is that there are litterally a ton of website hosting providers to host your website. But the biggest challenge you face is deciding which one to choose, hence why cheap website hosting is the secret ingredient.

Now there is the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to choosing a hosting provider. Web Design Companies offer many different options to their clients, and unfortunately the options on offer are not in the best interest of the client. The options are in the best interest of the Web Design Company. Consider it an upsell service where the Web Design Company is making additional revenue.

If your website is being hosted by your Web Design Company your Website is in a pretty bad place! And I can speak from personal experience. Prior to becoming a Web Designer and Digital Marketer I ran my own Conveyancing Practice. This business was very dependent on our Website as all our business was generated from online leads.

We had a top performing Website (which I didn’t design) which was ranked on page 1 of Google. Our Website was being hosted with our Web Design Company. One day completely by accident we discovered our Website was down. I tried to contact the Web Design Company and guess what? No luck. I had to act quick on my feet to find out what the hell had happened – that in itself is a whole long story. But the take away I want you to have is that having your Website hosting with a third party Company is very dangerous for you and your business.

We like to differeniate ourselves from other Web Design Companies and recommend that our clients maintain full control of their online intellectural property. This includes:

# Domain name registration and renewal.

# Hosting of their website. Including all related website information.

# Auto responder accounts.

Web Design Companies will actively promote that you should host your website in your country of origin because it will contribute to the load speed of your website. But this simply is not true. Your website can be hosted anywhere in the world and this will not affect the load speed of your website.

There are many factors to take into the equasion for your website hosting and these can vary, but here are a few things for consideration:

# How big is your website? From this I mean how many pages, image files, audio files, video files, pdf documents etc and what type of platform has the site been built with.

# How old is your website? Is it new or was it created a few years ago?

# Is your domain name registered with the same hosting provider?

# Does your website operate or need to operate a specific type of program?

# What type of traffic and how much website traffic does your website get?

# What budget if any have you allocated for hosting your website?

Hosting your website is not an expensive exercise at all, and this is why cheap website hosting is the secret ingredient that can save your business a lot of money in the long run. Once your hosting account has been set up and we do this for you. All you need to do is renew your account once a year. And our recommended Web Hosting provider does this automatically.

We work with Bluehost and have done so for the last 2 years. Bluehost are located in the United States and we see this as an advantage not a disadvantage.

Bluehost have been around for a long time infact it was founded in 1996 and is one of the top 20 web hosting companies in the world.  And Bluehost currently powers over 2 million websites. Their sole business is domain name registration and web hosting. It’s all they do, consider it their area of expertise!

What makes Bluehost stand out from the crowd of web hosting companies is without a shadow of doubt the live chat 24 hour support 365 days of the year. They don’t even close for Xmas. You got a problem they got the people online to fix the problem and find a solution. Everytime I have needed assistance, I jump straight onto live chat and boom problem solved.

And they have the cheapest web hosting solutions for your business. So instead of paying your Web Design Company to host your website, host it yourself. Check out the prices below:


cheap website hosting


As you can see you $3.50 per month and for any small business website this is perfect. So ask your Web Design Company how much are they currently charging you for your website hosting, go on I dare you!

I bet it’s a truck load more than $3.50 per month. Do you think you are being ripped off? Sure business is about making money, but it is also about saving money as well.

So what do you get for $3.50 per month and this is the basic package it’s all you need.

# A domain manager, you can transfer your domain to Bluehost for free.

# Create and manage unlimited email accounts.

# Your website is backed up, daily, weekly and monthly. So if for any reason god forbid your site crashes is can easily be restored.

# Your site is hosted on a shared server, but if for any reason another website is using excessive capacity it is migrated to another server.

# If you experience rapid traffic and growth to your website. Party on. You can easily update your web hosting at no extra cost.

# Back end cpanel is so easy to use, it’s like riding a bike.

# They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

# Over $150 of free offers for Online advertising with Google and Bing adwords.



And if you need help to migrate your site not a problem they can do that for you as well. Or shoot me an email and I’ll help you out for free. I hope you are seeing why cheap website hosting is the secret ingredient.

Now if your website is built on WordPress and I hope it is, this is a significant advantage when it comes to hosting your website through Bluehost. Bluehost are leading the charge to provide hosting specifically designed for WordPress Websites and the charges for these services start at $12.95 per month. It’s like putting your WordPress Website on steroids.

So if you are keen to make the change to Bluehost let me know. I hope that I have provided you with some insight on cheap web hosting. My aim is to put money back into your business bank account.


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