How To Access Microsoft Office For Free

How To Access Microsoft Office For Free

Are you looking for a way on how to access Microsoft Office for free? Well if you are, your’re in luck.

We will show you how you can get the latest version of Microsoft Office for free without having to pay a cent.

We have all been brought up using Microsoft office or at least components of the software from  Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint at some point either through school or our work place. You can now have access to all of these programs for free with no trial period. Now don’t think just because you have a Mac that you don’t have access to Microsoft office, because you do. There is a version which you can access, and it works great with Mac. We use Microsoft office on our Mac’s all the time.

Now the catch with the free version of Microsoft office is that it is web based which means you can’t download the software to your computer. But hey this is the 21st century. So basically you have access to all the features of Microsoft office but online. This also means that any feature you use to prepare your documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc will be hosted in the cloud. This we see as being benefical as you can access any of these documents whilst you are away from your home or office using your mobile device. Yep correct you can access using an iphone, tablet or android device.

So let us step you through the process on how to access Microsoft office for free:

# 1. Head on over to and signup for a free account.

how to access microsoft office for free


# 2. Click the radio button “see all office options”

how to get microsoft office for free


then navigation to and click “Office Online Get Started”

get microsoft office free


You then have immediate access to Word Online, Outlook, Onenote Online, Powerpoint Online, Calender and Excel Online.

how to access microsoft office for free


Simply choose any element of Microsoft Office you wish to work with. Save your documents which will be saved in the cloud.

And this is how to access Microsoft Office for free.




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