How To Use Hotjar On Your Website

How To Use Hotjar On Your Website

how to use hotjar on your website

Do you every wonder how your website visitors are really interacting on your website? What pages they particularly go to, what interests them the most, what information they are looking for? Well if you are curious then you are going to love how to use hotjar on your website to get all the information on what visitors are really doing on your website.

So let’s first understand what Hotjar is all about. Basically Hotjar is the one stop place to get all your analytics to see how your website is being interacted with. This tool gives you the power to identify your website hottest opportunities and at the same time show where significant improvements can be made.

Hotjar works with heatmaps, recordings, funnels, forms, polls, surveys, and recruiters. We are just about to experiment with this ourselves. Ok so now that we understand the basic elements. Let’s take a look at each individual component of Hotjar:

# 1. Heatmaps – This will allow you to exactly understand what your website visitors want, care about and do on your site by presenting them visually with their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour. Now how much insight is that. Bloody brilliant.

# 2. Visitor Recordings – No more guesssing, recordings of real behaviour on your website in real time.

# 3.  Conversions – Google analytics even for us Web Designers is a little overwhelming and takes a lot to get your head around. But we need analtyics to understand what the hell is going on with our web traffic and website. The conversion component of Heatjar instantly gives you information on improvement and at which point your website visitor is leaving your website. This in itself is a goldmine.

# 4. Form Analytics – Never before have we been given the opportunity to analyze our optin forms. But now we have this power. This will allow you to dissect which forms are converting and which ones are not. As an example which parts of the form take too long to fill, which ones are not completed and why your website visitors exits your form and page completely.

# 5. Feedback Polls – Want to get the opportunity to ask your website visitors questions about the experience of your website, what they want and how you can improve. This little gem gives you that power.

# 6. Surveys – Surveys are a great opportunity for your business to improve it’s marketing department. Again having the ability to tactically survey your clients. The survey forms in Hotjar are completely customizable to suit your business and branding.

# Recruitment – This component of Hotjar gives you the opportunity to offer recruitment and enticement for your website visitor to give you direct information about them in exchange for an offer. We guess this really works like an optin form.

Just take a look at the Companies who are using Hotjar on their websites at the moment!

how to use hotjar on your website

There are 3 plans that are available that will allow you to use Hotjar on your website.

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We can see Hotjar as being a really powerful tool especially for those of us that want to give their web design clients the most critical information and data about what is happening on their websites. A great business opportunity and service just there!

It’s great to see that there is competition in the market place. This area online prior to the release of Hotjar was dominated by Crazy Egg, Survey Monkey, and Clicktale just to name a few.

Hotjar has also been given some great reviews. This is not a proposed review because we have not tested it on our own website as yet. But when we have. We’ll be sure to provide you with our feedback and experience.

So now you can see how to use Hotjar on your website could be a great business tool, and give you the insight and feed back that your clients will need.

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