What Is Inbound Marketing

What Is Inbound Marketing

what is inbound marketing

Many traditional methods of marketing are falling by the wayside. This is applicable to traditional print marketing, tv advertising, radio marketing and yes the good old letter drops as well. These forms of marketing for your web business are also extremely expensive, and do not produce a high return on your marketing investment dollars.

As with all marketing you need to split test your marketing campaigns to see which mediums are effective, so you can eliminate those that are not. You can use split testing for things such as title headlines, copy text, images, infographics, web pages and landing pages. Your choice of split testing must be aligned with your business objectives. As an example is the goal of your inbound marketing campaign to gain more website traffic, increase online leads, or generate additional revenue, or is it simply to build brand awareness? There are many factors that can be used in split testing campaigns.

One of the best forms of inbound marketing is blogging. It is a proven statistic that if you produce content on your blog on a regular basis that you will have an increase in organic website traffic, and more online leads. But sadly a lot of small business owners do not even have a blog associated with their business website. The key is to link to other high converting blogs within your business sector, and create links within your content to other blog posts that you have produced as this makes it easy for your blog readers to navigate the content on your blog site more effectively. And the Google gods just love it!

Inbound Marketing also includes your blog, landing pages, lead generation pages and website incorporating a clear call to action. Give your website visitors a clear instruction on what it is you want them to do when they arrive at your site. Is it to ring to get a quote, leave their name and email address to download an ebook, white paper report, take a short audio or video course, or complete a contact form. The most effective thing you can include on your website is a clear call to action. You need to be collecting information from every visitor that comes to your website, and to do this you use an optin form. We use and love aweber. Want to learn more about autoresponders then find out the full story here.

Content without a shadow of doubt is KING. But the key is to create content that is directed at your target audience. Use the most effective long tail keywords in the production of your content, and distribute the content you have produced through all medium channels you have at your disposal.

Email marketing. We have pointed out the importance of collecting information from your website visitors with a clear call to action, and with the use of an optin form. Why? So you can then incorporate email marketing into your inbound marketing strategy. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways that you can promote your products and services, and at the same time build your business brand awareness by providing your email subscribers with helpful advice and tips. This all leads to you being the Industry thought leader within your business sector.

Facebook boasts over 1 billion active users at any given time. So we can honestly say you can not afford to ignore this giant social media platform when it comes to your inbound marketing. Facebook gives your business another place to attract new leads, clients and of course more business revenue. Posting your blog posts on a regular basis is the perfect way to drive traffic back to your website where the idea is again for them to sign up to your list. There needs to be a fine line with what you post, when you post, and how you post. If you spam your Facebook business page and don’t provide any value you will not have much success with this strategy.

Facebook advertising is a great option to using Google Adwords, it’s much more cost effective. And you can laser target your ideal clients.

The coding and structure of your website believe it or not is one of the most important factors of inbound marketing. Without this structure running in the backend Web Designers and Developers could not produce the amazing Websites that they do today. But we stress the coding and structure must be correct. Google scores your website on this, and your target audience is on the move all the time. So factor into the equasion coding and structure of your mobile friendly website.

Understanding what is inbound marketing:

Delivery of the right content, in the right place at the right time. This is about being at the forefront of search engines. When someone is online and searching for a solution to a problem, you want to be able to deliver the content they are looking for, that provides them with the solution. Do this well, and your business will go from strenght to strenght.

what is inbound marketing

So how do you do this?

# 1. Optimize your website, web pages, blog with targeted keywords and incorporate this with your Social Media.

# 2. Optimize your clear calls to actions, have the tools to collect your website visitors names, email addresses and phone numbers. Provide the solution to the problem.

# 3. Incorporate email marketing into your inbound marketing. Your not going to all this effort to not communicate with your email database. Provide value, build your business integrity and promote your products and services.

# Make your content engaging, this will resonate with your followers and keep them coming back to your blog and website.

If you take the time to produce high quality content reach out to Reporters. They are always looking for new content and articles to help them out. You can sign up to HARO, which stands for “Help A Reporter Out” signing up is free. And using this free method can help your inbound marketing and drive a lot of traffic back to your website.

Keywords are a huge contributor to your content creation, marketing and inbound marketing. Keyword research the words that your target audience will use in the search engines to find your blog and website.

Landing pages or as they are commonly referred to Lead pages play an important part of your online marketing plan. Many business owners consider that all pages on their website are landing pages. But this is incorrect. Your Lead pages serve one purpose and one purpose only and that is promote your product and services. And each individual product and service must have it’s own distinct Lead page relevant to that offer. You do this because you do not want to confuse the visitors to these Lead pages with other offers. 

Tips for creating the perfect Lead Pages:

# 1. Keep the copy short and sweet, but to the point.

# 2.  Sell the benefits, what’s in it for your visitor.

# 3. Keep the content above the fold, and use effective visuals to communicate the message.

# 4. Incorporate the optin form.

# 5. Clear call to action.

Take the time to produce videos and presentation slides from your blog posts and distribute them to slideshare sites, forums, email signatures, youtube, and any social medium platform you have for your business.

So you can see how well inbound marketing can work for your business. So now it’s time for you to take the information we have provided you, and get your business message out to the world. This is what we call the abc of inbound marketing. So come along and join in with me.